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Merchandising made easy

The FMA sticker is applied at the producer or farm level and the heart of the sticker starts out as a grey color. At temperatures below 3 C the grey will remain for a long time ( 3 weeks or more depending on the option chosen)

When the temperature increases, the grey portion of the sticker will change gradually. (The speed of color change is temperature dependent; warmer temperature will result in faster change.)  As soon as the grey color has changed to match the color of the surrounding petals of the flower, the half life of the vase life has been reached. The product will still look good and in some cases will have "opened up".

In order to still provide the customer with a positive experience, the product should be positioned in the store so that a quick sale will result, usually accomplished by discounting the product. Vase life at this point is cut down in half and the customer will still have a positive experience with the product (reduced vase life at a reduced price).


This will prevent discounting product too late in the vase life cycle when product has lost all appeal and vase life expectancy and will result in a negative customer experience.

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