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Color changing floral merchandising aids to indicate bouquet remaining shelf life


FMA Flowers provides visual freshness sensors that improve in-store floral merchandising, driving profitability and reducing waste. 

Higher Sell-thru

Markdown bouquets nearing their end of sellable life before its too late.  

Lower Waste

Discard fewer bouquets by managing your flower inventory smarter.

Happier Customers

Sell flowers at their freshest, ensuring a positive retail customer experience.

How do they work? 

FMA sensors monitor the ageing process of each bouquet by tracking their time/temperature history. The color changes from silver to yellow as the flowers reach their end of their saleable shelf life, assisting floral merchandisers at the retail level to rotate, display and price product to ensure highest sell through and decrease waste.

Sensors can be tailored to meet the shelf life of a wide range of flower species.

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