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Evigence and Jarja Floral Partner to Redefine Floral Freshness Monitoring

Retailers Use Visual, Real-Time Freshness Sensors to Reduce Waste and Ensure Customer Satisfaction


Hoboken, N.J., Simcoe ON – PMA Fresh Summit, Booth #126 – October 17, 2019 –  Evigence Sensors™ and fresh-cut tulip supplier Jarja Floral today announced the launch of a sensor specifically designed for the floral industry. Developed in partnership by Evigence and Jarja, the new Floral Merchandising Aid (FMA™) Sensor will be unveiled at the PMA Fresh Summit, Booth #126 in Anaheim, California. Leading supermarket chains are piloting the sophisticated freshness sensors on bouquets in select locations to reduce waste and increase customer satisfaction by ensuring optimum merchandising at point of purchase. 


“It is incredibly difficult for consumers and retail employees to determine a floral bouquet’s remaining vase life, but no one wants to sell or buy flowers that are past their prime,” said John Oosterveld, president, Jarja. “Until now, there was no way to properly measure floral freshness to appropriately merchandise a bouquet. The FMA Sensor makes it easy for retailers and consumers to know the precise freshness of a floral arrangement.” 


Designed to visually indicate the remaining saleable life of a perishable product, the latest addition to Evigence’s growing lineup of color-changing, intelligent sensors will help floral retailers better monitor and manage the merchandising of their bouquets. Like all Evigence sensors, the FMA™ Sensor takes the form of printed, self-adhesive labels in a variety of shapes and sizes that can be customized to a meet the shelf-life profile of all fresh-cut flowers.  


“The extension of our sensor technologies to floral freshness was a natural fit. Like food, flowers have a short shelf life that is heavily influenced by temperature fluctuations during storage, transport and display,” added Yoav Levy, CEO, Evigence. “Floral retailers will no longer be forced to depend on a date code that cannot tell them when a bouquet is past its prime. Our new FMA Sensor gives retailers an accurate view of the bouquet’s saleable life from the time it arrives to the time of sale so they can better merchandise their stock—increasing sell through and eliminating waste.”


Changing color to indicate current freshness based on proprietary technology that monitors temperature and other freshness factors, the FMA Sensors are now available to retailers around the globe and can be calibrated for varying floral life spans. Barcodes, prices, date codes, and product origin information can also be printed on the FMA, offering transparency throughout the bouquet’s journey from producer to retailer and into a consumer’s home.


For more information on Evigence Floral Merchandising Aid and related options, please visit or FMA Flowers, our FMA Sensors North American Distributor at


About Evigence Sensors

Evigence Sensors™ is redefining how the shelf life of perishable products is monitored with an innovative lineup of small, low-cost sensors. Powering the smart consumption era, its Visual Freshness Sensors offer brands, retailers and consumers a new way to monitor freshness in real time to ensure that products are consumed at their optimal quality while decreasing waste. For more information contact, visit


About Jarja Floral International Corp 

Jarja Floral is a producer of fresh cut tulips to the North American retail market and floral distributors for 15 years and has been cooperating with large retail market buyers to develop strategies to enhance sell-through and reduce waste. Visit us at:


About FMA Flowers Inc

FMA Flowers Inc is the North American distributor of the FMA Sensor developed in cooperation with Evigence. FMA Flowers also provides solution for joining the FMA sensors and applying them to the sleeves in a cost effective manner. Visit us at:  

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