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The FMA sticker consists of 2 parts in its inactivated stage, a top part with the art work and a bottom part with the reaction plate. Just prior to packaging the two parts of the sensors are "married " and activated. This happens in a cold room so that the grey part of the sticker doesn't start changing( temperature dependent).


The sticker can be printed at the same time with a daycode and price if required.

The completed activated sticker is then applied to the the sleeve with automated equipment to promote accurate and consistent placement on the sleeve.

The flowers are sleeved and stored, transported and warehoused at low temperature. 


The sticker will start changing color as soon as the bouquet is exposed to higher temperatures and the grey part of the sticker will gradually change to the same color as the other petals on the flower. The stickers are designed to change color by the time the half Vase Life Time has been reached.

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